Handheld Wireless Ultrasound

The Ultimate For Veterinary Use

Edge Life Technologies, the de facto leader in veterinary ultrasound.

For example, our six-inch, half-pound probe with everything you need right inside the probe including up to three transducers, a high-capacity rechargeable battery, 5G WiFi, and lightning-fast high quality trail-time imaging. Just push a button to start scanning, for the ultimate in speed, comfort, and grab-it-and-go convenience.  

Multiple transducer configurations for small animals, medium-build, and even large animals with endocavitary for reproductive exams. Our newest model at only 3.5-inches has both a linear-array for superficial scanning and a phased-array for both cardio and internal organs, tissues, structures, and blood flow.

And for ease-of-use we transformed the console into a familiar, friendly app by using only a small fraction of the amazing computing power already in today’s iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Ten seconds to power on, zero setup time. No more cables, cords, or electric plugs. Just push the button in the center or tap on the screen to begin imaging or freeze it.

Diagnostics with measurements, annotations, reports, and the ability to save images and cine-loop videos with built-in transfers to Dicom industry-standard PACs.

The fast, convenient, simplified, advanced scanning that your clients are looking for. Easy on the animals, and their owners can sit right beside you for a visual explanation of your diagnosis and care plan. An amazing impression and billable service that leads to more repeat visits, procedures, and referrals.  

A picture is worth 1,000 words!

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Edge Life Technologies.  Leaders in advancing the quality of care while lowering the out-of-control costs (just like you're now carrying a mainframe in your cell phone ... Lightning-fast ... and without a cable.


  • One, two, or three probes in a single unit.
  • One exam can pay for an entire month.
  • Approximately thirty minutes of training time.
  • Software and updates are included in the price.
  • No maintenance beyond disinfection.
  • Over three hours of continuous scan time on a single charge.
  • Over ten hours of standby to cover the entire day.
  • Eighteen-month parts and labor warranty.


  • Nearly every specialty and exam type.
  • B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Doppler, PW, PDI.
  • Quickly adjustable presets for image tuning.
  • Measurements, annotations, and reports.
  • Built-in 5G connects the probe to the app.
  • Save images and cine-loop videos.
  • Transfer to Dicom industry-standard PACs.
  • Over three hours of continuous scan time in most units.
  • Over ten hours battery in typical clinical use.
  • Two hours to a full wireless recharge.
  • Tne minutes to go from zero to one bar. 

Probe Types

  • Single-Headed
  • Double-Headed (two probes in one)
  • Triple-Headed (three probes in one)
  • Linear for superficial exams
  • Micro-linear
  • Convex for deep penetration
  • Micro-convex
  • Phased-array for cardio
  • Endocavitary for vaginal and rectal
  • Large-animal endocavitary for reproductive.
  • 4-D One-Button Bladder Measurements.

Exams, procedures, and guided injections

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Edge Life Tech Presents At The AVMA Veterinary Conference

By David | July 29, 2022

On July 29 to August 2, 2022, Edge Life Technologies will be presenting the latest developments in ultrasound at the conference in Pennsylvania Conference Center in Philadelphia. Applying its Silicon Valley origins, the team was able to take a six-inch, half-pound, ultrasound probe and fit an entire system right inside it. Up to three transducers,…