Handheld Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound

More than ever, with the benefits and low costs, over half of veterinarians are using ultrasound in their practices. Faster, more accurate exams, diagnosing the unseen, greater billings and revenue, easier explanations, more client satisfaction, repeat visits, procedures and referrals, and better outcomes (not to mention more fun).

Thanks to micro-technology and the amazing computing power in your iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, you can now capture stunningly brilliant images at under $5,000 (less than the cost of just a single probe on most portables or carts).

Totally wireless with no cable or cart, moving to a special exam room, or compounding the fear of already anxious animals (the probe comes with 5g WiFi built-in).

Our journey began with a veterinarian sharing his struggles navigating around scared moving animals while tethered to a cable.  We realized everything could be micronized with the amazing computing power in mobile devices, a tiny WiFi chip instead of a cable, and off-the-shelf components. Magnificent performance, at a fraction of the cost.  We were inspired and got the job done. 

Have a look at the images and our latest model that combines three complete ultrasound systems into one, and we hope you'll be as impressed and excited as we are.  Drop us a line and let us know.

Dr. Patricia Kallenbach - DVM, CVCP, LMT

Holistic Veterinary Care), Crystal River, Florida

Dr. Patricia Kallenbach - DVM, CVCP, LMT

"The device and the image quality are amazing.  My clients love it and I can't imagine a practice being without one."

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