Handheld Wireless Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

(Accept No Substitutes)

Instead of the need for a bulky portable or unwieldy cart, we fit a complete ultrasound system onto a single circuit board right inside the probe.

Handheld, wireless, six inches, half a pound, and a friendly, familiar, easy-to-use app on just a fraction of the amazing computing power already in today's iOS and Android devices.

 Even better, each probe is cable-free, using the 5g router built right inside, and a long-lasting battery for 3+ hours of "continuous" scan time (more than a typical day of clinical use.  Wirelessly recharges. Drop-tested., Waterproof.  Easy to disinfect.

Even better, the simple visual explanations that your clients will love.  Billable services, referrals, and requests for a scan on each visit.

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Our most popular model. Nearly every exam type, all in one unit.

Three transducers built in.  Innovation at its best.

Linear for superficial, convex for deep penetration, and phased array for cardio exams and procedures.


High-frequency detection range for superficial examinations and smaller structures.

B&W or Color Doppler, 32/128 or 64/192 elements/channels, 7.5-10MHz and/or 10/14HMz.  Mix and match dual and triple-head models.


Low frequency detection range for chest, abdomen, pelvis, and other deep penetration exams.

B&W or Color Doppler, 32/128 or 64/192 elements/channels, 3.5/5MHz.

Mix and match dual and triple-head models.


Convex and linear, push of a button, switch between superficial and deep penetration, both exam types on a single unit.

Endocavitary Series

Long, convex, high-frequency detection range for transvaginal and transrectal exams and procedures.

Bladder Volume Measurements

Real-time, three-dimensional scan for urinary bladder volume measurement with one push of the button.


Turn on the probe, turn on the app, and a WiFi secure connection is formed.  No cables, wires, externals, or lengthy sleeves.  


Runs with most iPads, iPhones, Android, and WIndows devices for unmatched conveninence and ease of use.


Turns sounds into full-motion, realtime images of exactly what's going on inside your patient and beneath the skin.  Quick diagnosis, verification, treatment progression, and route to a cure.