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Small and powerful.  With today's technology, size and cost don't make the difference any more.

When it comes to medical technology, good is just never enough.

That's why we shrunk down a cart using microchips into 8 oz, 6", wireless and cable-free, combined with the amazing computing power already in your mobile phones, tablets, and desktops as a high-power console on your choice of iOS, Android, and Windows.

An amazing impression on your clients, colleagues, and peers, with accurate and informed diagnostics and decisions, referrals, increased billings, follow-ups, and additional procedures. 

A picture's worth 1,000 words, that helps explain your diagnosis, answer questions and describe treatment plans.  

  • One button power on.  Run the app.  Select an exam type.  And in seconds start scanning.
  • No setup or cables, carts, hefty portables, or special exam rooms.
  • Less time and cost for you and your patients (without them having to needlessly worry while waiting for results, updating your EMR later on, or referring them elsewhere).
  • Widely used in hospitals, clinics, private practices, medical schools, emergency services, and the military.
  • Almost every specialty and exam type In both human and veterinary care.
  • Long-lasting battery, waterproof, and easy to disinfect.
  • About thirty minutes of training (whether a novice or an expert).
  • Transfers to PACs for patient records, progress evaluations, billing support, and long-term storage.

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Edge Life Technologies.  Leaders in advancing the quality of care while lowering the out-of-control costs (just like you're now carrying a mainframe in your cell phone ... Lightning-fast ... and without a cable.


  • One, two, or three probes in a single unit
  • One exam can pay for an entire month
  • Approximately thirty-minutes training time
  • Software and updates are included in the price
  • No maintenance beyond disinfection
  • Three hours scan time on a single charge
  • Over ten hours of standby to cover the entire day
  • Eighteen-month parts and labor warranty








  • Small Parts
  • MSK
  • Nerve
  • Vascular Access
  • Abdomen
  • Lung
  • Cardiac
  • Pelvis
  • ER, ambulance, ICU, first aid, battle field, rescue mission.
  • Preliminary assessment: in-hospital, primary care, preliminary screening, community clinic, home care, family planning, triage, etc.
  • Visualization: vascular access, surgical and therapeutic guidance. 


Probe Types

  • Single-Headed
  • Double-Headed (two probes in one)
  • Triple-Headed (three probes in one)
  • Linear for superficial exams
  • Micro-linear
  • Convex for deep penetration
  • Micro-convex
  • Phased-array for cardio
  • Endocavitary for vaginal and rectal
  • 4-D One-Button Bladder Measurements




Exams, procedures, and guided injections

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